AdNode Cultural Values

AdNode is designed to bring accountability to the digital marketing industry. We do not believe this is possible with the current architecture of the Internet where advertising delivery data is compartmentalized, by design. The introductions of blockchain technology and the EOS platform provide the technical architecture to help us recognize our dream. To execute on the vision, however, a new social compact is required. We must embrace cultural values that are endemic to the success of a decentralized Internet.

  1. Transparency must be what we stand for as a community.
  2. Perfection is not possible but transformation is inevitable.
  3. Honesty is rooted in being upfront and having a conversation.
  4. Open source is the basis of trust.
  5. Customers must be the priority if a technology is to be successful.
  6. We welcome feedback from the community on our cultural values, and plan for this to be a living document.