Campaign Viewability Increased by 38% After Linking Billing to Measured KPI’s

Client is a global investment firm with $700 billion in assets under management. Client’s goal was to improve the overall viewability of display media for its Retail Investor and Registered Investor Advisor targeted campaigns,, without over-exerting its agency partner.

The Gate Worldwide, which had a very positive experience using AdNode for other clients, opted to implement AdNode again for this Client’s media plans, which aligned campaign KPIs directly to billable impressions.


  1. AdNode verified every billable ad impression between agency and publisher. AdNode also helped achieve Client’s target KPIs, including viewability, brand safety, and IVT, based on “smart contract” insertion orders.
  2. AdNode automation enabled the media agency to realize inventory opportunities in-flight, instead of waiting for post-campaign evaluation. This let the agency shift dollars mid-campaign and also reduced agency hours on time-wasting billing reconciliation.
  3. Publisher partners received near real-time access to shared data, via AdNode, on which impressions were billable and non-billable, eliminating billing discrepancies.. This paved the way to rapid campaign optimizations and increased effective CPMs for publishers.

"Once again AdNode allowed us to even better serve our clients by optimizing for viewable impressions. This eliminated both under delivery and post-campaign reconciliation, hours the agency was able to apply to more tactical projects for our client."



increase in
Media Value¹ 


decrease in
Hours on


increase in
Viewable Ads


  1. Media value increase is the cost of the ad impressions determined to be not billable by the AdNode platform relative to the ad spend on billable ad impressions during the campaign’s first month. Prior to automating with AdNode, the client was billed for all ad impressions.
  2. Estimate from media agency partner based on hours spent on similar prior year campaigns without AdNode.