We believe the digital advertising industry must provide for fundamental rights of freedom, transparency, privacy and safety. Sufficient powers are required for the community to police advertising fraud, enforce standards for commerce in digital advertising, or provide for the digital safety of brands or consumers. As such, a Constitution is required within the digital advertising industry to provide for the governance and full exercise of fundamental rights as we endow upon ourselves by common sense, historical perspective and source code. By agreeing to the AdNode Constitution, we commit to be governed by it and its Principles.



AdNode is the decentralized blockchain created to provide for an efficient economy within digital marketing. AdNode is founded on the principles of freedom, transparency, safety, and efficiency.


The AdNode Blockchain enables:

  • Agreeing to Orders for the sale of digital advertising
  • Validating if Orders have been delivered according to their terms
  • Providing for advertising debts and payments to be recorded and processed in real-time
  • Establishing transparency within the digital advertising ecosystem


The permissions for accessing and posting data to the AdNode Blockchain are governed by this Constitution.



The AdNode community is composed of Members, as follows:

  • Marketers: Businesses which are empowered to purchase advertising through AdNode. This account may belong to either a marketing agency purchasing advertising on behalf of a brand or a brand purchasing advertising in its own name.

  • Publishers: Business which have the authority to serve advertising messages to audiences. This account may belong to publishers selling advertising on their own websites or applications, users authorized to sell advertising next to their own-generated content on third-party user-generated websites or applications, and advertising sales agencies selling advertisements on behalf of a publisher.

  • Validators: Applications which provide advertising measurement based upon whether an Order has been fulfilled according to its terms.

  • Lenders: Lenders provide financing for publishers to be paid promptly upon delivering advertising in exchange for rights to future payment for Orders from marketers.

  • Applications: Developer-produced software which accesses and posts data directly to AdNode Blockchain on behalf of community members.



Transactions on the AdNode Blockchain are permitted only between community members which have agreed to a mutual account Connection between one another. Connections may be terminated at any time, by either member, except if there are open or proposed Orders between the members.



Members shall have access to identifying Order Information where they or their Account Connections acted as a marketer, publisher or validator. Order Information shall be comprised of:

1. Quantity of advertising units delivered successfully as promised in Orders.

2. Proportion and quantity of advertising units not delivered successfully as promised for each Order, and the reasons for failure specified by the validator.

3. Price and pricing model at which each line item within an Order was delivered.

4. Advertising units, targeting criteria, viewability requirements and time-stamps associated with each line item delivered for an Order.

5. Successful and repeat click-through rates associated with each line item delivered for an Order.


Any member may view the Advertising Data and identifying Account Information (the username, URL, identifying mark, account type, account balances, usernames of the Connections, performance level, account rank and concentration score) of any other member on the AdNode Blockchain. Nonetheless, Advertising Data shall not be tied to identifying Account Information, except as provided by this Section.



Amendments to the AdNode Constitution shall be subject to approval by the AdNode community.

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