AdTech in Blockchain: It’s Working – AdNode

IAB Tech Lab’s AdTech in Blockchain: It’s Working event on May 7th 2019 in NYC explored how blockchain technology is being deployed in digital advertising. This is the latest edition in our series of events to educate the industry on blockchain technology and its application.

Featured on The Daily Exchange

Building your blockchain business on EOS with AdNode. AdNode, a new advertising platform on EOS, tells us how blockchain can fix advertising, why they chose EOS and how it compares to the competition.

Strong Protocols

The Fat Protocol concept is a highly-cited economic eventuality for cryptocurrency projects. The concept’s thesis is that the Internet is transitioning from applications capturing the vast majority of value towards protocols capturing the vast majority of value. The paper contends barriers-to-entry for new applications are lower. Data is now made available to anyone with protocol …

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AdNode Cultural Values

AdNode is designed to bring accountability to the digital marketing industry. We do not believe this is possible with the current architecture of the Internet where advertising delivery data is compartmentalized, by design. The introductions of blockchain technology and the EOS platform provide the technical architecture to help us recognize our dream. To execute on …

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